Events & Achievements



DALAMA.1 “the end’n is just the beginn’n ” (2001)
praCh : producer / writer / MC / executive producer
international- Cambodia’s 1st #1 Hip-Hop album.

DALAMA .2 ” the lost chapter ” ( 2003 )
praCh : producer / writer / MC / executive producer
24 states tour, nearly 200,000, unit sold to date !

Universal Speakers : No Hard Feelings (2004)
praCh : executive producer / writer / MC

The 2nd Language : Language Art (2005)
praCh : executive producer / writer/ MC

ViceVera’s : Joint Project (2005)
praCh : executive producer / writer/ MC

DALAMA.3 “memoirs of the invisible war” (2011/12)
volume 1. and 2. ( not yet release )
praCh : producer / writer / MC / executive producer

The mis-education of praCh Ly (2012)
praCh: producer / writer / MC / executive producer

[Ctrl].[Alt].[Delete] (2013)
praCh : producer / writer / MC / executive producer


Fragile Hope (2003)
director: Tiara Delgado
music: praCh

Love Sick (2003)
director: Sam B.Lorn
music :praCh

Cambodian Rapper 1 & 2
(2004) (2005) Doc Film.
( subject -praCh )
director : Hideharu Watanabe
NHK Enterprises America
* – 1st Place, Best work 2004

Nice Hat! (2005)
director : David Brisbin
music : praCh

Out of the Poison Tree (2008)
director: Beth Pielert
Original Music: praCh

Rice Field of Dreams (2010)
director : Daron Ker
Original Music: praCh

RESIDUE feature( 20?? )
script writer / Music:praCh

Enemies of the People (2010)
directed by : Rob Lemkin, and Sambath Thet
Old Street Films.
music inspired by film: praCh

Enemies of the People: Part 2 (201?)
directed by : Rob Lemkin, and Sambath Thet
Old Street Films.
music inspired by film: praCh

Untitled Horror film (201?)
script writer / producer / director :praCh
Original Music: praCh

Road to Closure.
directed by: Tiara Delgado
Original Music: praCh

Holiday in Cambodia
directed by : Daron Ker
Water Buffalo Pictures.
music: praCh

The Oak Park Story (2010)
director : Valerie Soe
Original Music: praCh

Eyes of the Heart. *Broadway Play
Written by: Catherine Filloux
Directed by: Kay Matschullat
Original music: praCh

SAMNANG – an AFI Thesis Film (2012)
Produced by KIM O’SHEA
Cinematography by CARLOS DIAZ
Music by praCh

BOOKS ]————————————————

Manoa / University of Hawaii Press
* featuring story / praCh
Editor: Sharon May, Frank Stuart.

Expressions of Cambodia. ( 2006 )
Routledge Contemporary Southeast Asia Series
* chapter 7 – Rapping (in) the homeland.
Leakthina Chau-Pech Ollier (Editor), Tim Winter (Editor)

Images of America: ( 2008 )
* Cambodian in Long Beach. feat/ praCh
Arcadia Publishing
Author: Susan Needham, Karen Quintiliani

A Transnational Hip Hop Nation: ( 2008 )
* praCh, Cambodia, and Memorialising the Killing Fields.
Author: Cathy J. Schlund-Vials PhD

Cambodian American Experiences: ( 2010 )
Histories, Communities, Cultures and Identities.
Author: Jonathan H. X. Lee

Cambodian American Memory Work.
Author: Cathy J. Schlund-Vials PhD




Long Beach’s 26th Annual Martin Luther King, Jr.
Peace and Unity Parade and Celebration
* Grand Marshal – praCh (2014)
Feature host of Andrew Zimmern’s BIZARRE FOOD
Episode: Hidden LA (2013)Long Beach Post
*Winner of the’40 under 40’Awards (2013)CAMBODIA TOWN FILM FESTIVAL
Founder, Director (2012-Current)City of Long Beach
Awarded by: Mayor Bob Foster
*Certificate of Recognition (2012)

State of California SENATE
Awared by: Alan S. Lowenthal, 27th District
*Certificate of Recognition (2012)

California Legislature Assembly
Awarded by: Bonnie Lowenthal, 54th District
*Certificate of Recognition (2012)

CAMBA – Cambodian American Business Association
*Winner of ‘SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS of (2011)’
Entrepreneurship and Community Service Excellence’

State of California CONGRESS
*Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition (2011)

City of Long Beach
Awarded by: Dee Andrews, Six District
*Certificate of Recognition (2011)

*West Coast Region Committee Chair (2011-Current)

State of California SENATE
Awarded by: Leland Y. Yee, Ph.D.
*Certificate of Recognition (2009)

Cambodian New Year Celebration L.B.C.(2002)
*Coordinator – praCh

Cambodian New Year Parade (2005)
*Grand Marshal : praCh

Fight against DEPORTATION
fundraiser – since 2003

Cambodian New Year Celebration L.B.C. (02-current)
volunteer – praCh

Cambodian Coordinating Council
member-since 2001

Fundraiser for Japan Earth Quake & Tsunami.

Fundraiser for Cambodian Stampede Victims.

Fundraiser for Haiti earthquake.

Fundraiser for Katrina / Red Cross

Fundraiser for 911 / Red Cross


ASU, AAC, Brown, UC Berkeley, NYU, NJCU, Yale, Smithsonian, CSLB, CSF, USC, UCLA, Georgetown, Penn State, Columbia, UWYO, UW, Seattle University, USD, UConn, UMass, MSU, UCI, GSU, TSU, ISU, KSU, LSU, NWU, OSU, PSU, Middlesex College, Marlboro College, Hawaii, Harvard, the Pacific, OSU, Stanford, LBCC, Compton College, Palm Spring District, LBS District, Riverside, FSU, Syracuse, University of Pa��āsāstra, Royal University of Phnom Penh, Long Beach Cambodian New Year Celebration and Parade, LB MLK Parade, and countless Clubs, Arena, Concerts, temples and churches.

MEDIA / PRESS : FEATURED ]—————————-

Newsweek, Times, LA-Times, NY Post, Press-Telegram, Phnom Penh Post, Cambodia Daily, Hmong Times, OC Weekly, LA Weekly, Asia Weekly, ABC, CBS, CNN, BBC, FOX, PBS, VOA, RFA, PRI, NPR, NHK, ROD, PRI, HBO, American Route, Front Line, The Strand, Power 106, the Beat, City Beat, Hot 97, CSLB, CSF, UCLA, Columbia , Hawaii, Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Brown, UC Berkeley, NYC, Smithsonian, and more.


– out of the poison tree –
written  and produced by: praCh
co-produced by:Ryan Delancey
Taken from/ theme song for the feature film:
“Out of the Poison Tree”
directed, written and produced by: Beth Pielert
Good Film Works / Mujestic Records
-DALAMA3…memoirs of the invisible war.-