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Born in 1971, Sok "Cream" Visal and his parents left Cambodia right before the fall of Phnom Penh, and was a refugee in France from 1976 until 1989. He landed back in Cambodia in 1993, leaving a housing project, called "Aulnay-sous-Bois" AKA "Les 3000" which was located in the north side of Paris. He grew up on the sound of Hip Hop, became a graffiti artist with his crew, the CIA (Criminalz In Action > hence, 391...), and got into rapping and “making music” in 1988.

In 2001, after 8 years immersing in Cambodia’s local life, culture, and some of its madness, he decided to make a big change in his life, marking it with a trip to the Pagoda for one full week where he became a monk, then, when out he settled down, and tried producing his first Khmer Hip Hop beats using Khmer tunes from the 60’s and 70’s. He finally released 2 remix CD's in 2002-2003, remixing Phnom Penh best rappers back then > The Phnom Penh Bad Boyz (Sope, Lisha, Sdey, Rith & Rin, Teejay...) and The Phnom Penh Playaz (BO, Knut, BIG and NCK).

In 2004, he decided to produce his first rapper: Aping, which he knew since he was very young. After Aping, Cream has produced tracks for Phnom Penh finest rappers: Kdep, Adda, Pou Khlaing, Khmer Rap Boyz, Kelly, MC Tola, etc... Tum, Lisha, One, Yungstaz, Kate joined the collective later on.

In 2005, KlapYaHandz was officially born. It started by a track by DAS EFX of the same name, but it was mostly inspired by the fact that, back then and until now, Cambodian People have lost the ability to show their appreciation for Arts, Performing arts, music, film, etc...not their fault, but the fault of a dark past. And Clapping hands is the basic way of showing your appreciation for the arts.

Until 6 months ago, it was Cream who was producing, mixing, mastering all the beats, producing, shooting, editing all the videos, on top of managing the artists, finding shows, and doing marketing and communications, and this all alone since 2005.

In 2008, Andrew Klapyyhandz joined Cream as a partner to help develop the business side of KlapYaHandz.

Theavin (Khmer Kraok Cho) joined the crew 8 months ago helping on the Operations side. Lisha (Jessica Lisha Srin), one of the artist, has just been promoted Artist/Event manager to help Theavin in his work.

Now, armed with a team of passionate people, KlapYaHandz is ready to reboot, and start anew, planning a musical and creative, and friendly offensive on the rest of the World.

The strength of KlapYaHandz > Their love for Creativity, Their experience in Branding and Communication, their passion for music, arts and Hip Hop, and most importantly, their love for Cambodia, for peace, for love and Unity.

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Short doc about hip-hop/rap music in cambodia (en français).

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